Women Empowerment: Answer to Social and Economic Growth

Women empowerment can be explained as a procedure resulting in enhancing women control of financial, human and intellectual sources in society. In almost any nation, the ladies empowerment could be measured by extent of the participation in social, economic and political fields. Women can be created stated to become truly empowered only if all of the factors for example self-price of women, there to control their very own lives, remarkable ability to create telecommuting saves gas, are addressed concurrently.

Requirement for Holistic Empowerment of ladies: Participation of ladies in politics through reservation is unquestionably an optimistic growth and development of recent occasions. Still, just the election shouldn’t be the finish, however the active participation of ladies in making decisions process as well as in planning and implementation of development programs can also be needed.

Women lives must converge effectively and all sorts of efforts within this direction ought to be focused for the goal to create a telecommuting saves gas resulting in symbol of balance between men and women forces within the society.

Ground Reality about Women Empowerment: Though women comprise nearly half from the total percentages of world population, they’re still missing out on their legal rights in the majority of the developing countries around the world. Especially in the South and East Asian nations in addition to the African countries, the ladies are leading deprived lives, because of prevalent gender discrimination.

Rural-urban divide: Situation of ladies in rural areas is much more miserable than their counterparts residing in urban spaces. It’s been broadly prevalent the women are mainly missing out on the same status vis-a-vis men and therefore they continue to be as passive beneficiaries within the societies during these countries. They continue to be powerless, because of their less participation and participation within the generation of sources crucial for development. Therefore, women must come into action partners with men, if the aim of women empowerment is preferred to become achieved undulating.

To help make the efforts resulting in modernization associated with a society effective, it’s urgent to create the ladies within the mainstream of development. We have to strike an ideal balance between men and women contributors in rural societies by supplying equal possibilities to women without having to be biased towards men.

To do this, it’s needed to empower women on all fronts: social, economic, political in addition to religious in this manner that they’ll participate positively out of all efforts designed to provide growth towards the society. If empowered with equal possibilities in various spheres of existence for example social, economic and political, the ladies may have careful analysis lead a openly active existence which might also produce an improvement within the society. We have to create favorable atmosphere within the society so the women become confident enough so that you can articulate their ideas and be more lucrative within their actions. They’re needed obtain equal possibilities to engage in taking decisions for his or her family in addition to society and also the country altogether.


Contemporary societies around the globe happen to be uncovered towards the major processes of transformation on social and economic development front. However, these processes haven’t been implemented inside a balanced way and also have augmented gender imbalances around the world by which women continued to be the best sufferer. The problem has adversely affected the interest rate of ladies empowerment. Therefore, we must have a totally transformed society by which equal possibilities of growth could be suitably presented to women to enable them to co-exist using their male counterparts adding equally out of all factors accountable for the development of society inside a bigger sense.


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