Innovative Technology – Plumoon Skin Whitening Technology Is Becoming Popular

Hongkong, Jul 29, 2019 – – Skin care is always the most basic and important work for a woman who are passionate for beauty. The improvement on the whiteness and tenderness of skin has become an eternal topic among women.


With more hyaluronic acid mask, medical cosmetology hydro lifting injection emerged in the market, hyaluronic acid has been recognized and accepted by more and more people. It even becomes necessary for women who love for beauty to enjoy the service of cosmetology hydro lifting injection regularly. However, it is also found that the absorption effect of smear type hyaluronic acid is limited, and the service of medical cosmetology hydro lifting injection is unavailable, expensive and endowed with safety risk certainly.


An oral hyaluronic acid whitening product called Plumoon was launched in Laox Ginza recently, becoming popular among women with love for beauty. Why?

Inspired by Longevity Village


It starts from Yuzurihara Village, Yamanashi County – the famous longevity village at the foot of Mount Fuji, far away from noisy cities. The hilly area accounts for 86% of the village with rich forest resources. The environment and climate of the village are very suitable for crop cultivation. Due to unique natural scenery, it has become a holy land for recuperation. Elderly people over one hundred years old can be easily found in Yuzurihara village. People over eighty years old are still capable of engaging in agriculture. They are healthy and agile, even without presbyopia. More surprisingly, the long-lived elders here look much younger than their peers in terms of skin condition. With smooth skin and fewer wrinkles, they do not suffer from some diseases, such as skin cancer.


Investigation shows that it is closely related to their diet originally. A phytoestrogen is detected from some food they often eat, such as fermented soybean and purple potato. It can increase the human hyaluronic acid content. Hyaluronic acid exists naturally in human body. It decreases with age, resulting in some aging phenomena, such as dry skin – loss of elasticity and luster, and issues with eyes and body joints. As a result, hyaluronic acid is vital for the maintenance of youth and health.



Small molecule hyaluronic acid is extracted with cutting-edge technology – the smaller the molecule is, the easier it is to absorb


According to the research on Longevity Village, Japanese pharmaceutical enterprise “Goitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.” cooperated with Tohoku University, Kindai University and authoritative anti-aging medical experts to extract high-quality hyaluronic acid with purity of 99% through pure plant (safer through non-animal source) fermentation. The average molecular size of the extracted purified high-quality hyaluronic acid is far less than the industrial standard size. It is possible to absorb the 1000 Da super-small molecule hyaluronic acid into the intestinal tract directly without digestion and decomposition.


Research shows that hyaluronic acid is detected from blood, saliva, glands, muscles and bones 30 minutes after oral hyaluronic acid is taken. It peaks 6 hours later, and only 5% of hyaluronic acid is excreted after 3 days. In addition, it is possible to add every pill of Plumoon Whitening Hyaluronic Hyper with 50mg of high-concentration hyaluronic acid – enough to care for everyone’s skin by means of the content and the concentration.


Achieving both moisturizing and whitening – through various effective ingredients


Plumoon Whitening Hyaluronic Hyper is to make skin feels smooth and pure through all-round coordination by extracting effective ingredients, such as hesperetin of Sicilian bloodorange, ellagic acid of Indian red pomegranate and L-cystine.


The latest research shows that blood orange is not only nutritious in pulp, but endowed with higher nutritional value in peel, which contains much hesperetin and anthocyanin. Apart from strong anti-oxidant effect, it is endowed with the effect of preventing early skin wrinkles by scavenging free radicals in the human body. Moreover, anthocyanin is a natural “sunscreen”, that can prevent ultraviolet rays from harming the skin, resulting in great protective effect. The natural ellagic acid in pomegranate can inhibit the activity of tyrosine oxidase effectively to further inhibit the formation of melanin so as to make skin white and bright from the inside.


The natural dark and yellow skin is more vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation so as to form melanin deposition. The appearance of Plumoon Whitening Hyaluronic Hyper provides a safer, more convenient and effective skin care way for Japanese women with love for beauty. It is also believed that with more innovative leading technologies emerge in Japan, it can help people resist the harm of nature, change their lives to make everything better.

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Contact Person: Miss Yu
Address: No. 11 Sanlitun North Road
Country: China
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