Fat Dog Spirits Announces North East Distribution Deal for Nirvana Spirits Cannabis Infused Vodka & Gin

The North East to Experience Nirvana

Tampa, FLA. October 15, 2019—Fat Dog Spirits, LLC today announced expanded North East distribution with SG World Wide for Nirvana Spirits Cannabis Infused Vodka and Gin throughout NJ, NY, MA, and CT, with RI to follow. 

Fat Dog Spirits Distribution Manager Robert Bode is super excited about this opportunity with SG Worldwide. “We are looking forward to be working with Bobby Garg of SG Worldwide.”  Robert states that “these larger as well as smaller states play an important role in expanding Nirvana, especially in places like NY and MA where influence and social acceptance goes a long way for the rest of the country.   We look forward to expanding our relationship with SG Worldwide and their distribution partners.We greatly appreciate their commitment to helping to grow the Nirvana Spirits Brand in the regions that they work in.” 

“Like I have said many times before, it took us 17 months to perfect our final product,” but according to Dr. Ram Ramcharran, “having a great product that no one knows about is pointless. Our main focus going forward is to find distribution partners that believe in the Hemp and Cannabis FMCG market space and want to help grow the category.”  Chief Scientist, Dr. Abdul Ally, and Dr. Ram P. Ramcharran came up with the proprietary formula. “This is not just a vodka and gin, it’s science in the bottle.” According to Dr. Ally, “the Nirvana Spirits  aim is to provide a blissful, relaxing feeling and experience.”  “We made Vodka and Gin that just happens to have Cannabis in it,” says Dr. Ramcharran. The 40% alcohol, 80 proof Nirvana Vodka just recently won Silver at the Fifty Best Domestic Vodka Competition, held July 15, 2019 in New York. 

Just this August, Nirvana Spirits and Fat Dog Spirits have been written about by Orian Research in their CBD research report, listing them as among two of the top ten key players in the market space. Nirvana Spirits was also in Wine Enthusiast Magazine as one of the market leaders in this category and a brand to watch. Nirvana Spirits was also featured in Beverage Media Magazine as one of the New Breed of Beverages in the Cannabis spaces. “Nirvana Spirits continues to differentiate itself from the others in the Cannabis beverage category,” says CEO Dr. Ramcharran: “We created a clean non-earthy taste and smell in our Nirvana Vodka and Gin which makes it easy to mix and drink just like traditional spirits, while at the same time providing an entirely different experience.”

FAT DOG SPIRITS is a craft distillery that has been producing high-quality, award-winning spirits in Ybor City, Florida since 2003. FDS lineup led by its premium vodka brand TOUCH that includes Touch One, Artisan, Key Lime, Orange and Grapefruit and Touch Pink. 

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Company Name: Fat Dog Spirits
Contact Person: Dr. Ram P. Ramcharran
Email: info@fatdogspirits.com
Phone No: 813-252-4459
Country: United States
Website Url: www.nirvanaspirits.com

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