Harassment claims to be investigated by Alphabet

The workers of Google around the world had expressed their displeasure and staged a walk outs in the month of November, over the firm’s handling the claims pertaining to misconducts.

Now the parent company of Google, the Alphabet, has taken up the responsibility of investigating into the ways of their executive’s handling these charges of sexual harassment and the charges of misconduct.

This move from Alphabet came after the shareholders filed lawsuits earlier this year, over the ways Google was allegedly dealing with the claims of misconduct.

The board of this firm has formed a Special Committee, to consider the claims of the shareholders, over past misconduct at the work place.

This probe was launched by Alphabet earlier this year and it is also working with a law firm, on this probe.

The staff of Google was agitated and staged demonstration, protesting against the ways Google handled these incidents of misconducts at the work place. Thousands of workers all over the world, working in Google walked out of their offices in a coordinated protest, in late 2018.

Mr. Sundar Pichai, the Supreme Boss at Google, apologized to the workers, regretting the way the company has acted in the past over allegation of inappropriate behavior. He assured the staff of improvements and better working conditions.

A spokesperson of the company informed that Alphabet’s Board of Directors formed a special litigation committee in early 2019, to consider claims made by the shareholders in various lawsuits, related to past misconducts at workplace.

It became evident in January that Alphabet was also facing legal action over the way it allegedly handled claims of sexual misconducts made against their two Senior Managers. Long term shareholders filed two lawsuits accusing the company’s board of trying to cover up the claims.

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