GLO Preemies Is Now Exploring New Avenues To Support Black NICU Families.

GLO Preemies is a 501c3 black-led nonprofit organization aiming to raise a billion dollars to support and educate 1 million black NICU families this year under the 3-Step Assistance Program for preemie parents. The organization will be introducing NICU City this summer to bring the resources to the family’s home.

In the United States, every 1 out of 10 babies are born prematurely every year, and the total estimated number of annual premature births is as high as 380,000. The country’s preterm birth rate is rising rapidly, and there are myriad factors that contribute to the increase in this number. Inadequate support, lack of awareness, and socioeconomic factors are some primary reasons which exist in all races. Studies confirm that the premature birth rate is higher in black women than women belonging to any other racial background. To fight premature births in black women, the resources are currently minimal, and a lot has to be done to ensure that every NICU family gets the desired care and support before and after birth. GLO Preemies is an effort to fill this gap and support black NICU families unable to find a suitable support resource. 


GLO Preemies is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and empowering parents with high-risk pregnancies nationwide and treating them with utmost care. Founded and headquartered in Sacramento, California, and working towards this cause since 2014 in several capacities, the NPO has now launched a comprehensive 3-step program to provide unconditional support to such families. Ashley Randolph created this program from first-hand knowledge of premature birth and the intricacies in high-risk pregnancies. She is a renowned author /speaker from Sacramento, a mother to three premature babies with far-reaching experience in nonprofit work and public health.

The nationwide program is focused on serving NICU families till the premature birth child reaches adulthood. The program’s functionality and structure have drawn attention from health care professionals from diverse domains working for the same cause. A significant number of families with no hope left have expressed interest in the program. The nonprofit aims to enroll and support 1 million African American families from every corner of the country by the end of 2021.

The 3-Step Program by GLO Preemies is a collaborative effort of multiple nonprofit hospitals and social workers who share the same vision. In the initial step, GLO Preemies and healthcare professionals will identify potential high-risk patients and invite those families to an admission appointment. Once the at-risk families or one who just have had a premature baby are registered in the program, they will be entitled to receive a custom care box every three months until the premature child turns one. The NPO believes in educating and spreading awareness; therefore, the participants can join workshops, free classes, and training offered by the program.

The all-inclusive program also provides doula care services, and in unique cases, food distribution and financial and conveyance support will also be provided. In case the enrolled parents have a normal birth without any NICU stay, they will graduate from the program. On the contrary, when the premature baby is well enough to leave the medical facility, the family enters the program’s second phase with added support and service. Some of these services include Virtual Home Visitor, Mental Health Support, Financial Assistance, and a mobile NICU store to receive household and baby items free of cost.

Step 3 commences at five years old; the family will receive the same services and enhanced support such as Career Support and IEP Reviews. GLO Preemies can provide a free month of tutoring services to preemie-born children who have school complications. The program is available nationwide and is very simple to sign up. High-risk pregnant women can register by asking their doctor if the hospital has a GLO Preemies 3 Step Program at their facility. If they don’t have the resource, they can apply to join the 3 step program online at

Contact Detail:

Company Name: GLO Preemies
Contact Person: Ashley Randolph, President at GLO Preemies Community
Email: Send Email
Phone No: (916) 757- 9008
City: Sacramento
State: CA
Country: United States
Website Url:


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