NAASE Announces the North American Sales Engineer of the Year

(Stratham, NH) The North American Association of Sales Engineers (NAASE) is excited to announce the winner of their first annual prestigious contest and award. NAASE recently sought out the very best in technical sales, and after numerous submissions and some intensive judging, a winner has been named.

“We developed this contest as an effort to acknowledge some of the best in sales engineering and technical sales, and we were not let down. NAASE would like to announce as the winner of the Sales Engineer of the Year award: Mr. Beau Hallavant,”.

Hallavant is the Sales Manager of the Industrial Division at WD Bearings Group; prior to that position at WD he was an OEM Sales Engineer. Jay Campbell at WD nominated Beau for this Award.

“Beau is a fantastic Sales Engineer who has excelled in his position within a very short time. He has grown and developed great business during a very difficult time and has established relationships within the industry and is becoming quite respected among his peers and customers.

Beau has the rare ability to connect on both the sales and engineering sides and help provide an optimized solution to the customers that allow them to reduce their pain points.” -Jay Campbell, WD Bearing Group

Sales engineers are part of a lengthy and complicated sales process, involving complex or technical products and services. SE’s have become more popular across several industries over the past few years.

Mr. Hallavant was honored to receive this award, which recognized his experience level, his knowledge, and his presentation skills. Each contest finalist was required to submit a faux video sales presentation.

Beau stated, “A true and sincere thank you for the NAASE 2021 Sales Engineer of the Year Award.

In my experience, Sales Engineering operates in this strange place between complex understanding and the simplicity of a conversation.

I truly enjoy the puzzle of translating and demonstrating technical details into relatable discussion.

Our job as Sales Engineers is to offer peace of mind to a diverse audience,”.

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